lunes, 19 de agosto de 2013

The Cool Globes en Boston: Common I

Boston Common I

Artists: Artists For Humanity Participating Young Artists: Kitana Parker, Wilton Tejada, and Fedir Teplyuk.
Sponsors: The Loring, Mannion and Shadek families.

Artists: Frank Carroll, The Reebok Walking Team and the Reebok Production Team.
Sponsor: Reebok

Artist: Jean-Baptiste Audat

Artist: Alexandra Overing
Sponsor: Conservation Law Foundation

Artists: Park School Students and Andrea Sparks, "As Simple as A.B.C-- Appreciate Biodiversity and Climate!"

Artist: Jim Duignan and the Stockyard Institute along with Brad Gonyer
Sponsor: Camp Harbor View Foundation

Artist: Davis Phillips
Sponsor: The Grantham Foundation

Artist: Red Moon, "Greenovate to Innovate"

Artist: Nancy L. Steinmeyer, "First We Scream, Then We Act"

Artist: Sharka Glet, "Cool Communication"

Artist: Sharon Kopriva, "Embracing the Wind"

Artist: Kim C. Massey, "Tree of Life"

Artist: Peter Mars, "Mr. Polar Bear goes to Washington"

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